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Post Flood Site Visit June 2013

  • 130529_recedingflowbend3_Frame752
    Middle Fork of Saline River post flood June 2013. Toe Wood Structure worked Perfectly on both Bends one and two. They corrected the current just as designed and held up against an over bank-full flow. Following the receding waters were discover high populations of fish species such as many Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Red River Horse, and Long Ear/Green Sunfish nesting amongst the structures.

Kayaking The Site

  • Melissa on the second J-Hook
    The site is finished and beautiful! Check us out as we kayak over the six structures.

Tree Planting

  • Joy planting
    We restored 32 acres of riparian and floodplain area and excluded approximately 200 head of cattle from the stream. We planted close to 6,500 native seedlingss and about 75 larger native trees throughout the areas from which we excluded cattle.


  • Pond II
    In conjunction with excluding cattle from the stream, alternative water sources were created on either side of the stream. Each pond is within a fenced in area and includes a spillway, which will direct water to natural creeks in the event of rain.

Phase II: Final Bend

  • Looking upstream at the final structure of Bend III
    Pictures of the third bend. It is here that the design channel is reconnected to a historical, relic channel in order to create a more stable radius of curvature along the third bend. Pictures show the construction of two J-hooks, channel plugs, and stabilization and re-planting efforts along the banks and fill areas.

Phase II: Bend II

  • Final shots: upstream to bend II
    This album contains Bend II: the insertion of two J-Hooks, re-routing of the channel, and bioengineering.

Storing Livestakes

  • Racks of livestakes ready for the cooler
    We ordered roughly 17,000 livestakes for the remainder of Phase I and all of Phase II. Here are a few photos showing you how we're able to store such a large shipment, thanks to the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

September Rains

  • looking downstream from the Cross-vane
    Here are photos taken after 11" of rain, testing the newly finished cross-vane and almost finished J-Hook.

Phase I: Bend I

  • Lb ds 2 new JH
    These photos show the entire Phase I process including the instream work (Cross-vane and J-Hook) and the bioengineering.

Barbed Wire Fence Construction

  • 100_6689
    Fence installation to exclude cattle from the stream.

Harvest & Deliver Rock

  • 100_6870
    Pictures taken of the rock we harvested and delivered to our site for the in-stream structures.

Pre-Project Pictures

  • 100_6887
    Here are some before pictures of the project site during various phases of assessment including the two-year assessment by The Nature Conservancy as well as photos of biological inventory conducted in partnership with the University of Central Arkansas.